Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week 8

Great job this week!  I loved seeing all the students (and parents) engaged and learning in class.  Thank you for your help, keeping the students on task, and cleaning.
Focus on encouraging your student this week to get through all there memory work.  If they continue on the path to mastering each chart, you will begin to see light bulbs go off as we dig deeper each week. 
Add to your checklist:
  1. Make sure you are adding practice sentences 1, 2, and 3 to your weekly checklist (found at the end of each lesson).  Students should task 1-4 with each and 5 and 6 for a challenge.  Our checklist says to do forum sentences or Our Mother Tongue sentences which are great but more advanced like practice sentence 4 and 5.  If your student is not overwhelmed after doing the practice sentences, add what the checklist says: forum sentence or Our Mother Tongue and the more advanced practice sentence 4 and 5.
  2.  Add more charts to drill if needed.  Our checklist alternates memory work and charts.  I'm noticing that we need to do chart work each day because it's just to much to grasp in 2 days.  So, on the memory work days, you could simply add a chart.
Password for week 9:  What does stand for? 
Homework:  Preread the lesson. I know we are all busy but this was recommended to pass along to help you, the teachers, to get the most out of class and Essentials.   Please read the lesson for Tuesday's class so that you can review the new material, have questions ready,  and be prepared to teach Wednesday at home.  You can do it!
Mid-Semester Check:If you would like a Mid-Semester Check to answer questions, run through a lesson together, or work out details of Essentials, I am available to meet up to do that.  Last year, we planned a couple of evenings at a coffee shop but the times kept most from attending. 
No class November 12--Thanksgiving banquet
Make-up class November 19-- 9:00-11:00
Have an awesome week!

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