Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 6 Essentials

Congratulations! We made through 6 weeks of Essentials!!! 

Next week, October 1st, will be a break.  No CC.  Class will resume October 8.  I recommend completing your work this week so that the next week is truly a break or just a review week. :)

For Essentials:

Double Password:  What is a Compound Structure?  A compound sentence has 2 independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction 
What is a Coordinating Conjunction and Examples?  Chart H has definition and examples(FANBOYS)

Forgot to mention Test/Proof on page 109 in your EEL book. What I will do this week is just separate it out. We have 6 charts, A-F.  Wed, Thurs, and Fri we will do 2 charts each day.  Then on Monday, we will do a practice sentence from Week 3 or 4 lesson.  (After you read page 109, this will make sense.)  Make this fun and give a simple reward when done.  

Below is for Practice Sentence, Task 3- Question Confirmation, Memorize these questions:

Ask :     Who (verb)? Or What (verb)?   subject     

Ask :     What is being said about (subject)?  subject  verb

Ask :     (subject) (verb) what or  (subject) (verb)  whom?   answer     

* If there is no answer your verb is intransitive and you are done finding your sentence pattern.

* If there is an answer, then you must ask 2 more questions. (because it could be a Direct Object, but it could also be a Predicate Noun/Adjective)

Ask :     Can (DO) replace or describe (subject)? If no, answer is a DO, label verb transitive

For IEW:

Week 6 & 7- Our writing source will be Charlemagne and our TWSS Unit is on Unit IV, Summarizing References

Level A- 1 Paragraph for weeks 6 & 7, do page 42  

Level A- 2 Paragraphs for weeks 6 & 7, do pages 42, 46. (Skip page 44)

Level B- 3 Paragraphs for weeks 6 & 7, do pages 42, 44, 46

We have learned so many Stylistic Techniques: dress-ups, sentences openers, and decorations.  Remember that you can scale down by requiring only 2 dress-ups and omit the rest.

Have a great week off!  Please call if you have any questions.

Blessings, Michelle


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