Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week 6 Essentials

Congratulations! We made through 6 weeks of Essentials!!! 

Next week, October 1st, will be a break.  No CC.  Class will resume October 8.  I recommend completing your work this week so that the next week is truly a break or just a review week. :)

For Essentials:

Double Password:  What is a Compound Structure?  A compound sentence has 2 independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction 
What is a Coordinating Conjunction and Examples?  Chart H has definition and examples(FANBOYS)

Forgot to mention Test/Proof on page 109 in your EEL book. What I will do this week is just separate it out. We have 6 charts, A-F.  Wed, Thurs, and Fri we will do 2 charts each day.  Then on Monday, we will do a practice sentence from Week 3 or 4 lesson.  (After you read page 109, this will make sense.)  Make this fun and give a simple reward when done.  

Below is for Practice Sentence, Task 3- Question Confirmation, Memorize these questions:

Ask :     Who (verb)? Or What (verb)?   subject     

Ask :     What is being said about (subject)?  subject  verb

Ask :     (subject) (verb) what or  (subject) (verb)  whom?   answer     

* If there is no answer your verb is intransitive and you are done finding your sentence pattern.

* If there is an answer, then you must ask 2 more questions. (because it could be a Direct Object, but it could also be a Predicate Noun/Adjective)

Ask :     Can (DO) replace or describe (subject)? If no, answer is a DO, label verb transitive

For IEW:

Week 6 & 7- Our writing source will be Charlemagne and our TWSS Unit is on Unit IV, Summarizing References

Level A- 1 Paragraph for weeks 6 & 7, do page 42  

Level A- 2 Paragraphs for weeks 6 & 7, do pages 42, 46. (Skip page 44)

Level B- 3 Paragraphs for weeks 6 & 7, do pages 42, 44, 46

We have learned so many Stylistic Techniques: dress-ups, sentences openers, and decorations.  Remember that you can scale down by requiring only 2 dress-ups and omit the rest.

Have a great week off!  Please call if you have any questions.

Blessings, Michelle


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week 5

Hello Parents,

Password for next week: Name the 5 interrogative pronouns-
who, whom, whose, which, what
(Not "where" b/c that's an adverb -Thanks Jena!)

For Essentials:

Have fun this week reviewing charts A-F. Get dice out like class, give tokens or pennies/dimes/nickels for each correct answer, or let your student be the teacher and ask the questions.

For IEW:

We will continue with Unit III: Narratives Stories. You have options to scale up or down (1 or 3 paragraphs) with Genghis Khan pg.131 or continue working on The Sword in the Stone.

Everyone can add in some of our old and new stylistic techniques. This is a lot to add but if students practice each week then it will eventually become their natural way of writing. Several people asked question about how many stylistic techniques per paragraph. Just found some rules:
1) Minimum rule for dress-ups and sentence openers --1 of each per paragraph (only ones we covered)
2). Minimum rule for decorations-- 1 different decoration per paragraph, 4 per story max

*Remember to look at the 2013-2014 Schedule to help you focus on the right unit, source text, page, and stylistic technique for each week.

Ya'll are wonderful! Thanks for your help in class. Have a great week.

Blessings, Michelle

P.S. Your invited to Fun Friday at St. Philip house.

Who: CC of Covington families
When: This Friday, September 20th
Where: 76021 Green Valley Road
Folsom 70437 (Off hwy 1078, very end of Green Valley)
Why: To be a community, encourage each other, and play:)
What to bring: drinks for your family & also a snack for a snack table