Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wow!  Our fall semester is almost finished with only 2 more classes to go. We have learned so much!  Keep of the good work and focus on finishing strong by drilling charts and completing work. 
Password:  Linking Verbs for all and add Helping Verbs only if you have the Linking Verbs memorized.
Math/Grammar Games:  Hebert Family
The EEL Guide goes through the Adjective Chart L and our new pattern S-Vl-PA in detail.  Read this with your student when you study Adjectives and S-Vl-PA if you want to have a better understanding of how the different types work.  It has a lot of great examples.
*Study Vocab this week.  We will play a game in class next week.
*Have fun with the Stylistic Techniques.  Brainstorm on a whiteboard and write silly words this week along with words to be used in their paper.  Make writing from pictures a positive experience.  If you are not sure how to explain one of the sentence openers, dress-ups, or decorations use examples to teach from TWSS, Student Book, and the Student Binder(Resource Notebook).  All 3 sources have examples of each.
Writing Assignment:        (Please pick what is best for your student.)
-Continue working on Unit 4, Vikings
Assign 1 Paper-Write a 3 paragraph paper for the next 2 weeks on our new Unit 5. Pick pg. 99, The Magic Lamp, or pg. 104, The Knight and the Dragon.  Write this week and next week focus on stylistic techniques.
Assign 2 Papers-This week, write a 3 paragraph paper on The Magic Lamp, pg.99.  Next week, write a second paper on The Knight and the Dragon, pg. 104.
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