Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Essentials - Week 14

Good Morning,
Great class yesterday of student and parent involvement!  Encourage your student this week to continue studying charts: A, E, H, I, L, M, and new chart DD.  We looked at CC &  DD in class but we just realized CC, active voice, is not on this weeks lesson. 
Attached is the calendar with our warm-up/review game and math rotation.  Gill family is next week:) Review time is so important and grabs the students attention.  Let's begin 5 till 1 so that they have enough time to review and we can begin class at 1:05.
For IEW, please go back to your TWSS and look over Unit 6 to get a better understanding on this lesson.  On the training videos, Unit 6 example was on elephants and we had several small pamphlets for our sources.  If you need to still watch videos please let me know and we can get them to you.
Please read if your student is researching a 3rd Source for IEW:
I think I dreamed about IEW last night:)  I woke up this morning and realized I mixed up the optional extra source.  If your student wants to do a 3rd source, it's not just topic 3/paragraph 3.  It will be the 3rd source that you will pull material from for each paragraph. Page 69 in the SB explains it and calls this Level B.   See the attachment for fused outline.
Blessings in your homeschool week,

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